Availability & Service

Here at Greenlam we appreciate that reliability is one of the most important things in any relationship and this is never truer than for our fabrication and distribution partners. We have 9 large regional distribution centres in India along with 4 international distribution centres at strategic points across the world to make sure you won’t get let down, no matter where you are.


Whether Unicore for seamless transitions and edges, Gloss HD for a more durable super high shine, or any other of our 100 plus decors, we produce every laminate with meticulous attention-to-detail and precision to bring laminates of the highest quality. From gloss surfaces with twice the abrasion resistance to wood effects in a range of different surface textures, each is designed to perform faultlessly in residential, commercial and public environments.

Value for money

Yet this doesn’t mean we’ve thrown away the rule book when it comes to value and all our laminates are engineered to make sure they provide you with a competitive and comprehensive solution, so that you can meet your client’s expectations time after time.

Brand name & credentials

In existence for over two decades and among the top three laminate manufacturer in the world, Greenlam is synonymous with innovation and quality. As we strive to enrich the lives of all of those who come into contact with our surfaces at every stage, we are focused on making make sure that Greenlam decorative laminates work for your business too.