Choose from wide variety of our product range


  • A huge choice of solid colours, wood looks and mineral effects for a variety of spaces
  • Tough and easy to look after surfaces with antivirus and antibacterial protection for everyday use
  • Not only clad your doors seamlessly but also make them look beautiful
  • Available in a specialized size to cater to your every need
  • Anti-fingerprint laminate which makes the surface impression free
  • This laminate makes the surface non-porous and hydro-repellant making it easy to clean of impurities and grease mark
  • Beautiful solid surfaces with colour running throughout to give a pure finish
  • Easy to look after surfaces that hide scratches and bring antivirus and antibacterial protection
  • Super high-shine surfaces in functional and fabulous colours and wood effects
  • Twice the abrasion resistance of rival high gloss finishes and antivirus and antibacterial protected
  • Beautiful and durable solutions designed for the demands of countertops
  • Tough stain and scratch resistance that also benefits from antivirus and antibacterial protection
  • Using innovative printing technology that captures every little nuance and detail.
  • Modern, sophisticated patterns deliver a unique, luxurious look that’s perfect for residential and commercial benchtops, countertops, and vertical applications.
  • Laminate crafted to add a touch of wonder to your spaces
  • They evoke the warmth of the natural world
  • Custom/digital laminates which have patterns digitally printed on them
  • Available in Bespoke so you can get you own design converted into laminate
  • Chalk-board surface ensures perfect continuity in chalk marks for hassle free and readable writing
  • Surface colour renders excellent contrast against chalk marks
  • Largest range of design based on latest trends
  • Easy cleaning for dry and wet erase marks
  • An array of decors for locations demanding extra fire retardancy from surfaces
  • Meeting international standards for fire retardant grade laminate finishes
  • Exhibits excellent dimensional stability along with having five times the stiffness of alternative materials
  • Do not allow dust particles to accumulate on the surface, resulting in a clean and healthy work place