At Greenlam, we understand sustainability as how we consume and harness resources, not only in the environment but in the society and economy too. We believe creating beautiful spaces can never be at the cost of causing damage to our planet because climate change is a reality. Hence, we are committed to making better products using processes that are sustainable and their impact gentle on the people and the planet.

To keep our impact positive on the environment, we have set up a Green Strategy Group. The group’s task is to single-mindedly work towards developing, implementing, and monitoring several green initiatives across our organisation. So that whatever we do, we leave behind something meaningful, and not just our carbon footprints.


Energy and Water Conservation

Our vision is to create a balance between economic growth and positive social impact by embracing methods that promote environmental protection and renewal. One such method is using a pressurised hot water process that achieves the industry’s benchmark of water consumption per unit produced. With this, we have successfully reduced our groundwater withdrawal, STP loads with high TDS treatable water, and the consequent power consumption. It conserves energy wasted in heating fresh water and provides a stable heat gradient, ensuring consistent product quality just by employing this practice at our facilities, we have saved over 8 million litres of water and 80,000 kilowatt-hours of electrical energy this year. Also, reputed agencies conduct periodic energy audits and recommend different measures for conserving energy which has helped us save over 35,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity on an average in a year so far

Manufactured with Natural Products

Not every solution has to be factory fresh. For our everyday challenges, we have started to look at nature for simple, organic solutions. And slowly we are making changes that can make a world of difference. Like our decision of using naturally occurring products such as cashew nut shells in place of synthetic and petrochemical products. A waste in cashew processing, these shells are one of the best sources of long-chain phenols. Currently, we have succeeded in substituting about 10% of our phenol use that has helped modify our resin technology, subsequently resulting in
·Enhancing the product flexibility and machinability of compact board
·Reducing the emission of VOCs from the process as well as the final product
·Reducing the handling and storage of hazardous materials in the plant
·Achieving uncompromised performance
·Eliminating the need for process washing, enabling zero discharge from the plant

Zero Liquid Discharge

Unsustainable consumption is putting great pressure on the planet by creating wastage that ends up contaminating our water and soil. At Greenlam, we make sure nothing toxic leaves our plants. To keep a check on this, we maintain continuous research and modification in the production of amino resins and phenolic resins used in the paper impregnation process. This simple yet essential method ensures a solvent-free product that not only reduces fugitive emissions that cause lacrimation, but also result in zero effluent discharge from our plants

Renewable Energy Utilisation

We make full use of various renewable energy resources available to preserve our environment. Not only are they easier to procure and more economical, but they are also much less harmful. And so, we employ 13 million kilos of biofuel annually that offsets 1.16 million tons of CO2 emissions, and our solar energy plant generates 0.3 million watts of energy. Taking us one step closer to a cleaner and greener environment.

Responsible Forestry

Relying on the forests for our raw material requirements, we are also sincerely committed to the cause of conserving them. Our products are FSC® and PEFC certified, validating our claims of sustainable and responsible management of natural resources. Along with recycled inputs, pre- and post-consumer content validation are determined for every product to safeguard the highest performance characteristics and meet all emission norms. And that’s not it. Some parts of our planted area also utilise native or adaptive tree species indigenous to the regional climate, being beneficial for the society, economy, and the environment

Environment-Friendly Products

The safety of our consumers is always our priority. Our products, therefore, have a Greenguard, Greenguard Gold, Green Label (Singapore), and EN 16516 certification. Being compliant to all the expected standards of VOCs, formalin, and other allied chemical constituents’ emissions, Greenlam products are safe to use

Monitored Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

We take the health of our employees very seriously. And so, to ensure a healthy work environment, we carry out periodic tests to keep the indoor air quality in check while conserving the atmospheric air

Safe and Non-Hazardous Products

Greenlam products are non-hazardous and do not fall into the list of ‘Deleterious Materials’, Appendix J. We do not use asbestos, copper chromates, arsenate compounds, lead, or any other heavy metals during production. We also ensure that no urea or urea-formaldehyde gets added to any of the products. Along with this, our products do not contain regulated levels of NTP (National Toxicological Program), IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), or OSHA Listed Carcinogens

Responsible Logistics Systems

Mindful of the alarming levels of pollution in our country, we take all the necessary measures to not add to the problem. For instance, we only use fuel-efficient and low-gas-emitting vehicles to ensure toxic-free, clean air

Effective Waste Management

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is a mantra that we at Greenlam live by. Real-time monitoring of our resources has significantly reduced our waste production and cut down on our processing and disposal costs. All this, coupled with the recycling of paper waste, has helped us save over 8,000 fully-grown trees